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I created a under the sea background and included five gymnastics dancers.


Kay’ce Coney and I took A Vaction to disney world . We took a picture with minnie, mickey,and miley cyrus.

Digital Image-is a picture in electronic form, Image- editing-program allows you to manipulate graphic images so that they can be reproduce by proffesional printers using full color processes, Pixels- every image is made up of very small squares, Logo- is a distinctive image that you can create by combining symbols, shapes , color and text

Layers are a smart solution for organizing and managing a complex illustration.Each layer has a thumbnail, or miniature picture of the objects on that layer, to the left of the layer name. As you work you can also create new layers and move new objects into them. thereby segregating and organizing your work.

My advertisment paula’s posies was created in illustrator. I got imgaes off of google and placed one of them on my background, one by my information, and the other three are in my title. Iused different kinds of flowers also.

The two characters I  drew were a king lion and a falcon. I made my king lion orange with brown fury hair. He was design in illustrator. I got the lion off google and he was a lion from the movie lion king. My falcon was Black and gray, and his beck was yellow. He was also design in illustrator. I got the cartoon picture off  of google, and just drew it the best way i knew how.

Concentric refers to objects that share the same centerpoint.